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We strive to educate, design, construct, and maintain Green Walls for their healing qualities through Biophilic Design, in Modern Architecture, for Working Places and Living Spaces.



Polar Moss Flexible Panels

   Polar Moss Company is the primary source of Reindeer Moss in Finland.  They ecologically harvest the moss, by hand, in a sustainable rotation.  The moss is then preserved with a method involving salt water.  The end product is a matrix of moss that looks, feels, and smells alive.  Polar Moss comes in Flexible Panels, Islands, and Spheres.  Polar Moss is available in 16 vibrant colors.  Polar Moss is for interior applications, but it’s presence will improve the feeling of any office, home, or conference room.



Pregrown Modules at our Nursery.

   Vertigarden is a modular composite that has pockets for 25 plants.  Through drip irrigation, the geotextile waters the plants in a consistent fashion.  A smart phone based application monitors the wall in real time.  It will alert us to areas that are too dry or too wet.  In addition, the system automatically shuts down at 36*F and restarts when it is 37* F or above.   The panels easily affix to the aluminum frame mounted on a wall.  The applications work both indoors and out. 




Greenery Company is the primary source of Reindeer and Royal Reindeer Moss in Russia.  They are able to preserve and color the naturally soft moss in 30 shades.  

Greenery Company gives us the opportunity to customize panels, islands, and signage.




NAAVA, the only smart and active Green Wall, revolutionizes the air you breathe. With pure and fresh Naava air, you can focus on your day, while Naava takes care of the air you breathe.

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Verdure is a Live Moss Wall.  

It  Improves Indoor Air Quality.  Oxygen is increased and Carbon Dioxide is decreased.  Verdure is a self contained water feature that includes lights, irrigation, misters, and Live Moss.  Lifetime Warranty on the Moss and the Stainless Steel cabinet.


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